Welcome to Bohypsian!

Its spring equinox 2017 and life is bursting! The earth has been quenched and new adventures are buzzing around every corner. Yesterday I had an interesting insight about equinox and the balancing of light and dark; if this time is in true balance and life happens to be hard then that can only mean that a positive is on its way to balance things out! So here it is, my heart on a platter ( sort of ) I would like to invite you all to my new Bohypsian Blog and Instagram! I have been dreaming about launching this page for YEARS! Now I am diving in to share photos and stories from all the amazing people I meet, places I go and foods I enjoy.  This is a place to inspire positive and sustainable living! The Bohypsian is a free spirit, living on the grounds of creativity, health and experience as a foundation for life. I hope you are inspired by the stories of this one California Bohypsian!