Bohypsian is an published print journal with correspondings online media, which weaves together voices of innovative change makers, inspiring artists and moving reminders of the human spirit, in effect giving grass- roots movements a printed and online platform to support their causes and make their mark in the print world. This is a resparking of the bond of interconnectedness to one another and nature, through storytelling and a variety of inclusive media. As a social purpose corporation, Bohypsian, Inc. empowers through donating 10% of its profits via grants to public service organizations, community leaders, projects and artists devoted to social and ecological benefit. In addition to supporting a growing network of grassroots movements through sponsorship, Bohypsian acts as an engine to create featured content for the good things happening in the world and allows for our communities to take part in the evolution of our shared mission.

We want our readership to experience the stories we share and feel inspired to open to attending to their own vulnerability, personal growth and healing. If we have to be the change we want to see in this world than we all need to do our work and attend to our own evolutions and I can’t say enough about the support it takes to do so. Bohypsians mission to be a source for this support and a platform for the voices of many communities.


Our Story

BOHYPSIAN started as a impulse to take action for a better world by artist, activist and award winning photographer, Michelle Magdalena Maddox in 2010. Since then Michelle often referred to as Magdalena, has developed a strong fine art and commercial photography business while taking action for environmental issues including, "Japan: 311" a portraits series of Japanese opinion on nuclear energy after the Fukushima Disaster in 2009 and "Saving The Pollinators" a campaign to pass a bill to ban neonicotinoids and distribute native seeds for pollinators  in 2014. 

Timing is everything and as the course of our nation and planet takes us to the critical edge Magdalena sees no choice but to follow her dreams and make the documentation of living activism and strong voices for change and healing brought to light in the print world.