Meal in a Jar

Life on the run can be stressful. How are we to nourish our bodies and soul?

Id like to introduce you to my favorite way of being healthy and sustainable. No takeout garbage! No hidden ingredients! Just good old fashioned pic-nicking, god this makes me feel SO GOOD! There's really nothing like getting a rumbly in the tumbelly when you are out and about on your daily sojourn and getting that brilliant reminder that you packed some of that delicious kale salad from last night in your bag. Its seriously satisfying and liberating to feel you made a healthy choice ( number 1 ) and number two you didn't eat that protein bar packed with sugar or that bag of chips in the bag you now call trash! You just saved yourself from a hangry moment and now you are blissfully back on your way, perhaps without even needing to find a parking place if you happen to be in your car. 

So here are some tips to best enjoy your meal in a jar:

1. Keep mason jars around! These guys last forever, they are easy to clean and they have interchangeable lids so you don't need to worry about losing a part or having spare ones around with missing partners ;) PLUS they make great food storage containers which is naturally the foundational inspiration for your meal in a jar!

2. Always make plenty of food! Especially with kale salad, this super food is the gift that keeps on giving! I will make two bunches into a salad with my super kale salad recipe ( coming soon ) and it will hold easily for three days in the fridge... but it never stays sitting for that long, I always eat it or someone else gets to it first!

3. Don't forget a fork or spoon! If I could tell you how many times Ive eaten with my fingers, you might be surprised but just incase its not in your comfort zone, remember to bring that fork!

4. Clean that jar! Sometimes I forget to take the jar out of my car for a few days ( I know, gross!) anyways, I just don't want it to happen to you! So don't forget to bring you jar back into the house and take pride in your daily service of reducing waste in the world when you clean it!

Thanks for reading, stay inspired!! Tag me in your #mealinajar adventures! @Bohypsian <3